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DOLLWEAR Digital Pattern Designer Pro+ v6i+ ~ Software by Design & Sew + 2hr. Training videos on CD

Design & Sew DOLL PATTERNS Pro+ SPECIAL....patterns & designs for Dolls

DOLLWEAR Pro+ v6i+.............$396.00


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DOLLWEAR v6i Pro-Y.............$199.00

(DIY-Commercial Versions)

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  • Design & Make doll pattern collections in Dollwear Designer v6i

    Design & Print Digitally

    Dollwear by Design & Sew free Pattern Download

    (DIY (Y) version licenses allows limited distribution of custom fittings and sales. of hand made DIY & sewn apparel)

    Earn online as a patternmaker, stylist or fashion designer. v6i+/Pro+ is for unlimited development & distribution of commercial patterns and apparel created/sized in Designer Digitizer.

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    Earn Selling Online, DIY Designs, PDFs Sized digitally for: Etsy, Ebay, Ecommerce etc. as a Designer, more...

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    Designer Technology for Digital Patterns, Digitize by Paper or Apparel :

    Production & Pattern Pro's Special

    Designer Fashion, Style & Fit Technology iDesigner sends online to email & PDF to clients, customers, prototypers, patternmakers, producers and fashion houses. Digitize from paper and clothing into sizable digital patterns. Everything you need to get going learning, installing and digitizing pattern is provided in a Virtual Design Studio on CDs by Design & Sew.

    Select either the WinPC Desktop v6i+/y Version or a Subscription/Mo. iDesigner in Virtual Apparel™ Monthly Plans,
    Designer v6i for Styling Fashion Apparel and Sewing Digital Pattern CAD Designs. or our Dollwear for Doll Clothing Patterns.

    Fit & Grade to Size. Print, Copy and Modify, Digitize Clothing, Tailor to Size, Scan and digitize Paper to Digital Patterns. by Design & Sew,

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    Digital Pattern Designer Pro+ Software by Design & Sew + 2hr. Training video Online CD
    Bundle on Special!

    Pro+ v6i+ (reg $499).....................$369.00

  • Everything you need to Design & Digitize Patterns Digitally.
  • Designer Software works on a WinPC and the Internet.
  • Grade and Size Patterns to input measurements - Size Files
  • Plot Pattern Sizes to PDF or SVG
  • Add Seam Metrics that attach after
  • grading% using the Seam Tool
  • Pro Version allows commercial sewing production and pattern & fashion distribution.
  • Develop Fit to Measurement pattern modules and libraries using the *.FIT Pattern System
  • Develop your own pattern collections and apparel lines digitally.
  • Trace or digitze patterns from any source digital photos, paper patterns or clothing
  • Develop your own patterns or pattern based products for business, fun or profit
  • Develop PDF Patterns for clients
  • Size and Email patterns to sewists, fashion designers, costumers, seamstresses, prototypers or clients
  • Plot patterns to A4 or 8.5x11 pages
  • Email patterns to anyone anywhere on the Internet.
  • Software Technology to Develop Digital Patterns online and more....
  • Designer v6iy DIY Digital Pattern Studio ~ Software by Design & Sew - Personal Sewing & Design Version. + Training CD (DIY-Commercial Versions) designer Patterns made for self, *special clients,family and friends.

    Studio Pro-Y v6i ...................................$199

    Software includes the Learning Designer CD in 2hr, for Sizing, Digitizing Design Patterns in Designer DS, DW, Versions DIY,v6iy & iDesigner Pro+ (Plus),v6i+.


    Join our website and get a free iDesigner Account. The Design & Sew pattern account gives you access to online digitizers and pattern plotters to PDF to make and distribute your patterns.

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